Durban, South Africa, 5 May 2017: The Ai African Project Developers’ Forum (APDF), a group of over 200 infrastructure project developers working in Africa; announced the launch of its Project Development Finance and Investment Benchmark – I4PD Benchmark – at the Ai CEO Infrastructure Project Developers’ Summit on 3 May in Durban, South Africa. The I4PD Benchmark is an initiative of the APDF with technical support from Africa investor (Ai) Capital and the Global Clearing House for Development Finance (GlobalDF). This new project development industry-led instrument, is designed to provide a global economic comparative benchmark of key industry project development practices and requirements that underpin the development of investable medium to large infrastructure projects focused on Africa. Armed with these insights, public and private sector decision makers can accelerate the mobilization of private capital to increase the development and number of investable African infrastructure projects. The I4PD Benchmark is a result of calls from CEOs at last year’s African Infrastructure Project Developers’ Summit to publish a standard toolkit for private and public sector leaders on project development fees, costs, best practices and standardised documents used by project developers worldwide. Such a benchmark would be used as a tool for lenders and governments alike, as they evaluate commercial relationships and unknowns in the negotiations that often protract and significantly delay projects under development on the content. Leaders from the 200-strong APDF, infrastructure investors, and infrastructure-focused private and public sector entities participated in the process and development that founded the Benchmark. The APDF will be instituting an annual review and consultation process on the I4PD Benchmark, encompassing the full range of project development issues and solutions, as the basis for the sharing of best practices and collaboration on their enhancement. This process will be designed to enable and increase the participation of the private sector in the development of critical infrastructure projects in Africa as well as enable the greater engagement of new classes of long term institutional investors, such as pension and sovereign funds and insurance companies. To download a copy of the full report, please visit: About the Ai African Project Developers Forum (APDF) – Launched at the Ai Infrastructure Project Developers Summit, the APDF is a pan-African network of over 200 infrastructure project developers and early-stage financiers that share and publish thought leadership, promote best practices, discuss co-development opportunities, and seek to improve the business environment for project developers and financiers in Africa. About Africa investor (Ai) – Africa investor is a specialist investment and communications firm advising governments, international organisations and businesses on infrastructure investments and strategies for capital market and foreign direct investments in Africa. Africa investor publishes Africa investor, the leading international news stand magazine for Africa’s investment decision makers; maintains the Africa investor 40 Investors’ Index, runs an awards franchise of annual Ai CEO Institutional Investor Summits and events and hosts the Ai African Infrastructure Project Developers Forum. About GlobalDF – The Global Clearinghouse for Development Finance (“GlobalDF”) is a non-profit organization committed to mobilizing the private sector for development, advancing economic growth, job creation, poverty reduction, and the achievement of the UN Millennium Development Goals (“MDGs”). GlobalDF develops concrete management techniques, financial structures, training materials, enabling-communication and knowledge tools that increase the capacity of government officials, development agencies, and the private sector to collaborate effectively in creating business-enabling environments, including the identifying, developing, and financing of infrastructure and other productive projects critical to development.

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